A Covenant Restricted Community

in the City of Colonial Heights, Virginia



Virginia law requires that you must disclose to potential buyers that your property lot is subject to the rules and regulations of the homeowners association. For more information on what you must do to comply with this state law, please direct your real estate agent to visit the Disclosure Packet page.

In accordance with the Covenants, please store the red trash and green recycle receptacles OUT OF SIGHT away from the front and side views of your home on non-pickup days.

For information about

our city, please visit the


News, Events and Notices

Attention homeowners: Once again, there have been car break-ins in the surrounding area(s).  Please use extreme caution by locking your car doors as well as you home’s doors. Remind your neighbors to do the same, please.  Be vigilant; be safe.  Report any suspicious activity to the police department.

Association Officers and Directors, 2021 - 2022

Directors for the 2021 - 2022 term were elected by the association members at the annual meeting held on May 24, 2021. In accordance with the Bylaws, Please visit the Officers & Directors page for the list of our members, who have volunteered their time and talents in service to the association.

Property Upkeep and Your Responsibility as Homeowners

The Association has observed that some properties are in need of upkeep, maintenance, and repair. As homeowners in Dunlop Farms, we all share a responsibility to our community and ourselves to keep our properties up to standards. The is very important for preserving the values of our own properties as well as those of our neighbors.

Please take a moment on a regular basis to inpsect and evaluate the condition of your property. For example:

  • Are roof shingles loose or falling off?
  • Do the siding and shutters need cleaning or painting?
  • Are there weeds growing in the driveway cracks and is the driveway in need of repair?
  • Are trash and recycle receptacles properly out of sight from the front of the property?

If you have questions on property upkeep responsibilities, please contact the Association.

Architecture Compliance for Changes on Your Property

The Association has a duty to ensure that any change on your property (e.g., structural addition to your home, building a detached garage, etc.) is compliant with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Regulations (CC&R), which encumbers all property lots in Dunlop Farms. The fact that you own  property in Dunlop Farms legally predisposes your agreement to comply with the CC&R. This compliance is separate and distinct from any Colonial Heights building permit you might obtain from the city. If you are considering any changes to your property, simply notify the Association of the scope and plans of your project in advance of any construction taking place. You will be contacted by the Association.

Dunlop Farms Home Owners has a Facebook page:

Please note this page is specifically for homeowners.
Renters will not be approved. To join you must be listed on our records as a homeowner.